Summer Dance 2024

Our Summer youth dance programs are divided into 3 programs: Summer Day Dance Camp, Summer Dance Intensive and Pre-School Saturday Summer Mini Session of dance. Summer dance camp runs 9 weeks, Monday through Friday in 2 sessions. Select the weeks in which you would like your child to attend throughout each summer session.

Our programs include: Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap, African Dance, Musical Theater, Acro/Tumbling, Contemporary, Arts & Crafts, Mentoring & much more! We have created a wonderful enriching summer curriculum designed for students on every level from beginner to pre-professional, filled with equal amounts of dance education and fun. We close our summer with our 18th annual Summer Concert!

  • Ages: 2 – 3
    Mommy/Daddy & Me – Ballet & Jazz Combo Dances Classes

    Registration: $55.00 Includes Uniform
    Session Tuition $150.00
    9 am Saturday’s
  • Ages: 3 – 4
    Registration: $55.00 Includes Uniform
    Session Tuition: 1 class – $150.00, 2 classes $225.00, 3 classes $300
    10 am Tap Class
    11 am Ballet-Jazz Combo Class
    12 pm Hip-hop- Acrobatics Combo Class
  • Ages: 5 – 7 
    Registration: $55.00 Includes Uniform
    Session Tuition: 1 class – $150.00, 2 classes $225.00, 3 classes $300
    10 am Ballet & Jazz Class
    11 am Hip-hop & Acrobatics Combo Class
    12 pm Tap – Acro Combo Class
Additional questions: Email or call 888.257.9991.
  • Summer Dance Camp – No previous dance experience required
    Ages: 7 – 12
    Session 1 – 7/8/24 – 7/12/24 & 7/15/24 – 7/19/24
    Session 2 – 7/22/24 – 7/26/24 & 7/29/24 – 8/2/24
    Session 3 – 8/5/24 – 8/10 & 8/12/24 – 8/16/24
    End of Summer Performance – 8/15/24 Costume $65
    Full-Day 9 am – 3 pm, Extended-Day 8 am – 6 pm
    Registration $55.00 includes uniform
    -Camp Early Discount – Early Bird Tuition Weeks Paid  By May 15th
    Full-Day – $185 per week, $370 per session
    Extended Day – $215 week, $430 per session
    -Payments Throughout Summer
    Full-Day – $245 per week, $490 per session
    Extended Day – $275 week, $550 per session
    Session 1 Due by 7/8/24
    Session 2 Due by 7/22/24
    Session 3 Due by 8/5/24
  • Summer Dance Intensive – Dancers must audition, be on competition team or be invited to participate. Email to schedule an audition.
    Ages: 6 – 17
    Disney Intensive – 6/10/24 – 6/14/24 & 6/17/24 – 6/21/24
    Session 1 – 7/8/24 – 7/12/24 & 7/15/24 – 7/19/24
    Session 2 – 7/22/24 – 7/26/24 & 7/29/24 – 8/2/24
    Session 3 – 8/5/24 – 8/10 & 8/12/24 – 8/16/24
    End of Summer Performance – 8/15/24 – Costume $65
    Intensive 3 pm – 8 pm
    BOTH Extended-Day 8 am – 6 pm & Intensive 3 pm – 8 pm
    Disney Intensive 4:45 pm – 8 pm
    Registration $55.00 includes uniform
    Camp Early Discount – Early Bird Tuition Weeks Paid  By May 15th
    Intensive – $185 per week, $370 per session
    BOTH Extended Day & Intensive – $215 week, $430 per session
    Disney Intensive $125 week, $250 per session
    Payments Throughout Summer
    Intensive – $245 per week, $490 per session
     BOTH Extended-Day & Intensive $275 week, $550 per session
    Disney Intensive $125 week, $250 per session
    Session 1 Due by 7/8/24
    Session 2 Due by 7/22/24
    Session 3 Due by 8/5/24
Additional questions: Email or call 888.257.9991.
  • Adult Summer Dance: 
     Class Schedule TBA
    Adult Summer Dance Workshop TBA

Register today to reserve your dancer’s space!

Exposing children to dance arts is so beneficial. Not only does it create cultured well-rounded healthy individuals, but studies have shown a link between young children who learn musicality through dance arts, later go on to excel math and science. Through dance arts we also learn discipline, self-confidence, public speaking and stay physically fit.

We are very excited about this summer season and look forward to you sharing it with us. To reserve a place for your child you must pay the non-refundable registration fee. You may make your registration payment either online or schedule a time to register in person at our studio. Let’s work together to make this a wonderful summer for your child!

* Registration fee payment to required to reserve space in camp.

* Tuition payment required to reserve weeks of camp.

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*Registration fee payment to required to reserve space in camp. Weekly tuition payment required to reserve weeks of camp.



How do I get started at Living Arts Dance, Inc.?

For Youth classes: A parent or guardian must either register online or schedule a time to come into our dance studios to register in advance prior to the student attending the class.

For Adult classes: Adult may drop-in to classes at any time or join a session of dance classes.

Is a Registration fee required for each class?

For Youth classes: There is a registration fee at the start of each season, such as: Fall or Summer. A mandatory dance classes uniform is included with registration.

For Adult classes: There is no registration fee.

Where can I see the schedule and rates?

Please click on contact us to request our most current schedule and rates.

What is your refund policy?

All studio payments are non-refundable and can not be applied to any other sessions or merchandise. Our studio pays staff, orders supplies, orders merchandise, orders costumes, etc. using the fees collected, therefore payments will not be refunded.

How do I apply for financial aid or a scholarship?

You must fill out the online application, meet the requirements and submit proof of income.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes, all 60 minute classes are placed together in a class package per family. 90 minute combo classes are already in a class package and cannot be further combined.

Is previous dance experience required?

No, we offer classes for adults and youth on all levels, so all can participate no matter if you are a beginner or advanced.

Can parents sit in the dance classes?

One parent or guardian is allowed to participate in our Mommy/Daddy and me class only. Parents are not permitted to sit in on or attend any other youth classes with their children. Parents are welcome to wait in our waiting are and observe classes on our monitors.

Can I see or try the class before joining?

Every Fall we provide free Open House events in which new students may visit our studio, meet our staff, sample classes, see our students perform and ask any questions in person. Once classes have begun, if there is space in a class, then the youth may sample one class before joining. Adults may drop-in to adult classes at any time.

Can I join once the season has already begun?

We allow youth class registration in most classes until February. We offer mini 5 week session of dance throughout the year as well, for those who do not fee comfortable committing to the program for the entire year. Students who attend a mini session are not able to participate in our annual dance recital production.

Is there a limit or age range?

Dancing is a natural and ageless form of expression. Although dance has no age restrictions, our studios our catered primarily towards youth ages: 2.5 through adults looking to learn something new and have fun doing it. We encourage parents to enroll and begin students who are fully potty trained.

What should I wear for dance classes?

For Youth Classes: We provide a mandatory uniform with registration, which must be worn with flesh colored tan or brown tights. Additional can be purchased at our dance studio dance wear boutique.

For Adult Classes: Adults may wear comfortable work out attire or dance wear.

Do I need dance shoes?

For Youth Classes: Ballet requires girls wear a Tan/Brown Ballet shoe, it should match the color of the tights. Boys wear a Black Ballet shoes to match black tights or pants. Jazz requires a Tan/Brown Jazz shoes, it should match the color of the tights. Tap requires a Black Tap shoes.

For Adult Classes: Dance shoes are recommended but not required. However, in order to be able to move comfortably across the floor, we advise that you do not wear rubber-soled shoes. Sharp heels or shoes with metal bottoms are strongly discouraged because they can damage the floor or cause injury.

Is participation in the annual youth dance recital production mandatory?

Every June we all look forward to our annual dance recital production, it is an opportunity to perform on stage and show our friends and what we’ve learned throughout the year. At the end of the recital weekend we have an awards ceremony. If a student is unable to attend the mandatory recital rehearsals or does not want to perform it is okay. We love having students participate with us throughout the year in dance classes as well.

What are the differences between group classes, private lessons, private dance parties and Youth Competition Team?

Group classes are perfect to learn fundamental elements, patterns, rhythms, and moves. We also offer supplemental group fitness and condition classes for adults.

Private lessons are completely customized to your needs, pace, ability, and schedule. Since we make a personalized program for each student, this is the most thorough learning process and guarantees fastest results. But is more expensive than group lessons.

Our dance parties are ideal settings to practice your newfound skills with your friends. Or get a group friends together for a ladies night out, youth or adult hip-hop dance parties, ballet birthday parties, etc. We have an amazing community of teachers and students that support each other and grow together.

Youth Competition Team is a pre-professional group of talented students who train intensively 4 – 5 dances per week and attend all genres of dance to perfect their artistry. In addition, they also have special events such as showcases, workshops, performances and competitions where they can take their dancing skill to the next level. An audition is required to participate on the team.

What styles of dance do you offer?

We specialize in many types of dance such as: Ballet, Jazz, Hip-hop, Tap, Acrobatics & Tumbling, Modern Dance, Contemporary, Musical Theater, and West African Dance.

We follow curriculum endorsed by experts in the professional dance industry, and our is degreed with BFA’s from University of the Arts, Temple University, and AMDA. Our teachers train daily and get tested regularly to make sure they know all the latest syllabus patterns, rules, and regulations.

Can I achieve my fitness goals through dance?

We’re so glad you asked! Dancing is one of the best activities recommended by health experts and scientists for both body and mind. Different styles and different tempos can help you achieve most fitness goals including cardio fitness, muscle toning, flexibility, strength, balance, and more. Look good, feel great, and have fun doing it!

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